Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Discuss the importance of religion in society today. (2004)

For most people, regardless of location on the earth, religion or worship makes up a significant portion of not only their being, but their society or culture as well. How any individual defines religion can vary dramatically based on not only their personal beliefs, but their cultural views as well.

Religion forms a critical aspect of the entire global population. While certain religions factions are responsible for many of our wars or disagreements, in general, religious beliefs offer people something to hold onto in times of trouble or indecision. The idea that a higher being is at work in the universe is comforting for many and creates a placating effect.

Most religions have a ruling doctrine or book of some kind. Be it the Koran, the Bible, or the Talmud, these books offer instructions or guidelines for living life that are often similar. Reaching out to those in need, taking time to reflect on the goodness of the world around us and offering kindness rather than animosity seems to be common themes throughout many religions.

Religion has its place in the world. Not only does it encourage civilized, friendly behavior among one group of followers and another, it also offers individuals a chance to strive toward something. Having a goal is crucial to finding satisfaction in life. Religions offer guidelines and requirements designed to lead followers toward better lives and ultimately, better afterlives.

The presence of religion also offers evidence that someone or something is watching our actions making us accountable for all that we do in life. A life lived well is often rewarded, while too many mistakes and unapologetic actions will be punished. Believers of any faith would also offer the most positive aspect of all – religion offers life a greater meaning and purpose. We were not placed on earth to drift mindlessly, but to fulfill both small and large missions as set forth by whatever doctrine we adhere to.

As such, we religion is important in today’s society because it’s a tool that reaches out to people on a more individual level. Furthermore, a society is made up people and the characteristics of a society are formed by what its people believe in and their way of life. Religion plays an important role in this aspect. it creates a platform for people to rely on emotionally as well as learn to lead life as a better person from day to day. If people are inculcated with the right morals, society and the world would be a safer, better place.

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Religion in society today affects your life and most significantly, the politics. It is importance and evidence of a new generation gap in society. Thanks a lot....

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